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yoga studio 

as we integrate back into society,

yoga studios will play a crucial role in gently facilitating the adjustment to

each others new energy 

Through the space of a yoga studio we learn to transform our attention from outside,

an often impossible feat in our current 
condition. The yoga studio is unlike any other space we find - one to be completely absorbed in the practice of self in the midst within community - a powerful dance of the future 

membership includes 

- full access to studio classes 

- full access to meditation classes

- discounts on courses 

- tea, and community 



 “ sanctuary, a safe, secure place of rest and recovery, a place of shared respect for the conflict a person is in and the potential for change and transformation.

It is a place where giving is intentional and cathardic and makes possible the question, what if ... ”

- Orlando Bishop, 


Classes offered will mix new age techniques with ancient  teachings and practice. With the recent increase in the art of the Metaphysical, classes and workshops on Astrology, Tarot, Numerology ect will help to increase and stimulate curiosity within ones self.  Overall the goal to provide a sanctuary for those struggling both mentally and physically to find space and community to be them self. 

The practice of self within community is the first step before learning to create, we must feel comfortable being ourselves around others. 


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Yoga Studio Space Requirements 


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