the art of 

We want to participate in the art they see in society.


Yoga is one of the greatest art forms of all. At its core it is a practice of self expression. Each movement and each breath guides us closer to a more intimate a gentle expression of true self.

This practice has kicked open the door for my art practice. The closer I connect with my inside self the more easily and freely it expresses itself.

My art is made to connect people and it's integration into the practice of yoga is designed to capture a side of yoga that promotes curiosity for those who have yet to be exposed to the practsie. 

Without ever trying a class the practice can seem intimating and what many would call "weird." It is  impossible to understand the feel achieved through connection to self, before experiencing it hands on. Yet I see art as an ability to capture the feeling inside me, connection, and with my work I hope to promote curiosity to this outside community to get involved. 


The integration of the experience of yoga through the medium of film is a project I and seeking studios for and teachers for. As discussed in much of my writing, these "quests" I am on are stimulated by my motivation to create art that represents a life of presence. A life that if we are able to invison trhouigh art, we will be able to live out in real life.