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pronounced shay-la 

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it is a personal experiment to learn from the greatest teacher on earth. Each day I participate in the process. Beginning my day with tuning in, writing and studying, I head to the studio and see where my inspiration takes me. I make films, photography, paint and draw. Currently I am learning to make music and animate. As I cycle through a variety of art forms, they piece together and influence each other to create new creations. Through participating in this practice for over 5 years now I have come to recognize that what I've learned through this process and through my self, is my greatest git to this world. This project is a life long devotion to the expression of time. Sharing the preciousness what the process has to offer is my gift of inspiration to this world. 

This process has many forms, 

its first is a film series 

yoga has been a lens for me to re understand my art practice. It centers around one thing: process

- a mode of creation that deepens in layers, 

through mediums,

revealing and unfolding a constant rediscovery of the world around me. 

This Proposal is for the creation of a film, in exchange for the experience. As a part of the inevitable transformation of a yoga Teacher training I would like to use the medium of film to capture the powerful experience of waking up. This project has the intention of being truthful without needing to plan or conceive a story a head of time. 

In this document I will share the process behind my work, and the inspiration I've found through my love of yoga. My hope is to share how the artistic process behind my work mirrors much of what've learned through this practice. Most importantly I must emphasize my primary motive behind this project is to learn and create genuine connections in the community. These foundations mark the spark of my work, so I don't have any set intentions for timelines.