welcome to the present

here you will find the process.

the process is everything, 

it has no definition, 

and no direction 

think of it as a lens to



everything you experience 

up, down, and side to side, 

is a part of the process.

and the closer you 
engage with time, 
the more the process
shows up

to teach you


the process zine 
is an expression
of the lessons of time


the process exists in layers, 
layers of our experience 

step 1. 
The process of connection. 
Connetion is the moving of energy inwards. The concentration of the heart, and the 

centrally expanded energy. 
the process of 
Is the soil where we plant the seed, 

it is the caldron that creation needs
to brew the pot of what we feel
and to make the feeling real.
Connection to the heart
step 2:
the process of creation. 

from the heart. 
let it expand 
into eyes unknown land, 
when the feelings know they can 
show, they let themselves grow, 
this is how you reach flow. 
we let the emotions

they are ok to show
the Process of creation 
deepens the connection between the self and the external world, as seen through the heart space of the individual as they learn to reflect their energy
at the world around them
leading us to 
the process
of discovery
step 3 

Discovery is the engagement,
the connection based creativity that has been reflected from the heart 

turns the world into a mirror 
and everything you begin to see, 
becomes a reflection of your own creativity, 
the process of discovery
leads us to change what is key, 
the way that time is perceived.

There is something one begins to see 
when creativity is left to reflect the inside me 
creativity becomes the
language of
how time

a reflection for the process we see, 
creativity changes the lens 
on seeking discovery
to a reflection of what the heart is truly yearning to see