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by Shalagh 



  • strong foundation 

  • abstract creation

  • kept simple 

  • build community 

  • fun. real. honest.



You are a representation of your brand and business. Getting to know you- is the first step in building a concise brand and cohesive vision from which the a business can grow. From this vision we can build a strong foundation to provide us with a creative direction.


abstract creation 

My ability to extract creation from life is the gift of my abstract mind to this world.

I see color, form, structure and imagery as energy that ability capture and connect us.


keep it simple 

In a world where everyone is trying to capture your attention,

the best way to draw people in, is to keep. it. simple.

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Although the promotion of products and services is a circuital part of the business. The creation of a community as a core value fosters a greater foundation and a stronger customer base. People are brought together under shared values, so having that strong foundation to gather round cycles back success again and again 

Building a Community 

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- Instagram design 

- Web design 

- Print design 

- Logo design 

- Photography

- Film 

- Animation 


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