the process film  

a project to document
without expectation
the transformative experience
of the practise of yoga. 

Hello, I am a film maker interested in capturing the subtilties of life. 


This Proposal is for the creation of a film, in exchange for an experience. As a part of the inevitable transformation of a yoga Teacher training I would like to use the medium of film to capture the powerful experience of waking up. This project has the intention of being inspiring and truthful without conceiving a story a head of time. 

In this document I will share the process behind my work, and the inspiration I've found through my love of yoga. My hope is to share how this artistic process mirrors much of what've learned through the practice.


Most importantly I must emphasize my primary motive behind this project is to learn and create genuine connections in the community. These foundations mark the spark of my work, so I don't have any set intentions for timelines. 

Over the past 6 years, yoga has been a lens for me to re understand my art practice.

All my work centers around one thing: process

a mode of creation that deepens in layers, through mediums,

revealing and unfolding a constant rediscovery of the world around

i have wanted to do my yoga teacher training since the practice saved my life 6 years ago.  Since than I have attended a class almost everyday, falling deeper into the practice the beautiful effect of my teachers. I know this is what I came todo and I am finally excited and fully ready to release an exchange I've been preparing in my mind for some time. I have always exchanged  my practice for Karma yoga at the studios I attend and am inspired by the exchange of energy.
In the film industry, all that's produced is driven and created by money and for money. To shift the lens on what we're seeing